Best Online Photography Courses For Beginners

The Pros and Cons of Photography Courses Online

Have you been bitten by the photography bug? Do you carry your camera with you everywhere and constantly snap pictures? Are you looking for online photography courses?

Photography courses can be informative, but they can be expensive as well. They can also be tedious, dragging out aspects of the field that don’t interest you. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could find a way to skip over the boring, unnecessary parts of photography courses and get straight to the crux of the matter?

If this describes how you feel, you may want to consider Trick Photography and Special Effects by Evan Sharboneau and DigiCamCash by Jarrod Hardcastle.

Trick Photography and Special Effects and DigiCamCash?

Trick Photography and Special Effects is a guide by independent professional photographer Evan Sharboneau. In its 295 pages, 9 hours of video and 300 photographs, Evan leads photographers through clear how-to tutorials detailing how to make use of stunning photography tricks and special effects.

DigiCamCash by Jarrod Hardcastle similarly lends guidance to photographers, demonstrating how they can use the pictures they’ve taken to earn instant cash. Photographers simply upload their photos to a secret website that connects them with buyers and watch as the money starts flowing.

Why Trick Photography and Special Effects? Why DigiCamCash? Shouldn’t I Take Photography Courses Instead?

There are pros and cons to each approach. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider using Evan Sharboneau’s and Jarrod Hardcastle’s systems.

1. Photography courses are expensive

Photography classes hosted at colleges or photography schools can cost thousands of dollars. Photography professionals typically aren’t willing to part with their secrets unless they are receiving a lot in return. The creators of Trick Photography and Special Effects and DigiCamCash remember what it was like to be a beginner like you, however. They wish they had someone to show them the way when they were starting out, and now they are willing to be that person for you.

2. Photography classes can require lots of pricey equipment

Professors of photography often require their students to rent or buy expensive cameras and accessories. With Trick Photography and Special Effects and DigiCamCash, however, it’s likely that you already own everything you need. You won’t need the latest state-of-the-art equipment or software.

3. The classroom can be confining

While some people thrive in a classroom setting, others find it confining. Some photographers prefer to learn and experiment on their own time, outside of the four walls of a classroom and out in the “real world.” For these people, Trick Photography and Special Effects and DigiCamCash are ideal. Evan Sharboneau and Jarrod Hardcastle designed the systems with flexibility and freedom in mind. With these systems, you can be your own teacher and your own boss.

4. Classroom learning can take a long time

Classroom learning is only as quick as the slowest person in the class. Hours are spent taking notes, doing assignments and taking tests. One advantage of Trick Photography and Special Effects as well as DigiCamCash is that you can go at your own pace. If you want to concentrate more of your time on one aspect of photography, you can do that.

5. Earning money from photos on your own is difficult

Breaking into the world of freelance photography is complicated. In almost every case, to be successful you have to “know someone,” that is, you need connections in order to earn money. How can you gain those connections before you’ve even started your career, however? With DigiCamCash, the advantage is that you already “know” Jarrod Hardcastle, and he’s the only connection you’ll need to be linked with interested buyers of photos.

The classroom isn’t for everyone. While courses in photography are informative, they have some downsides. If you’ve got a busy schedule and need more flexibility, Trick Photography and Special Effects and DigiCamCash are great alternative photography courses online.

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